High Efficiency Gas Fires

High Efficiency gas fireHigh Efficiency Gas Fires are available to either use convectional chimneys or can be supplied as Balanced Flue or Flueless versions.

They are generally behind glass with air for combustion being drawn from the room and the exhaust gases going up the chimney, through a balanced flue or, in the case of flueless versions, through a Catalytic Converter into the room.

The glass is an integral part of the fire acting as a very efficient radiant. Cool air from the room is drawn under the fire and around the space at the back being passed back into the room by convection.

Glass fronted fires have been scientifically designed to reduce this airflow to a minimum, changing the room air just once per hour against a typical open-fronted gas fire which will change room air up to 12 times per hour. The flue within the fire is carefully designed to extract as much heat from the waste gasses as possible before it is expelled.

Minimum room air changes combined with superior thermal efficiency achieved by ceramic glass-front technology gives this design of fire a high level of efficiency and performance.