Power Flue Gas Fires

Powered flue gas firePower Flue gas fires are usually open fronted and have a fan to draw the flue gasses from the fire through the wall (the fan is fitted with a safety interlock to ensure that the fire can only be lit if the fan is working correctly).

Rear and side flue versions are available - the side flue is in the form of a duct which runs along the wall at skirting board level.

The open coal effect power-flue fires generally look more realistic than the balanced flue versions, but have the disadvantage that the fan makes some noise (this is a very subjective thing but if you are sensitive to extraneous noises you should consider this).

Available as a deep or slimline inset gas fire, these look just like an ordinary open flue fire. A 13 amp electricity supply is required for the operation of the fan extraction system.

A Power flue fire can only be fitted where there is at least 2m clearance from the outside wall, all of which must be classed as your own property.