Why Use Gas?

Custom gas fireRegardless of what you read in the papers and on web forums the facts are that gas is the cheapest fuel to use when considering a secondary heat source for your home.

Natural Gas is over 70% cheaper as a fuel than using electricity or burning wood to produce 1 Kw of heat. The larger the appliance the greater the saving. By selecting a gas fire with a high efficiency rating you can save on your heating bills year on year.

One of the main considerations when choosing a gas fire or fireplace for your home is the type of chimney or flue you already have installed. Using the existing chimney will give you the cheapest installation costs overall and will mean you spend most of your budget on the actual gas fire or fireplace and not the installation. For each type of chimney there is a specific type of gas fire which can be installed. If you don’t have a chimney then you should consider a balanced flue, powered flue or flueless gas fire.

Whilst the information on this website should be of help to you, the only reliable way of establishing what chimney or flue type you have is to ask a Gas Safe engineer to visit and perform a survey. This should be done in all cases to check the compatibility of your chimney or flue with the type of gas fire you intend to purchase.

Efficiency Rating

The efficiency of the fire you choose will effect the running cost. The table below gives typical approximate efficiency values for a range of options and fuels. The higher the fireplace rating the higher the efficiency, saving you money. For example, with a 25% efficient appliance 75% of the heat you pay for goes up the chimney and heats the planet – not your room!

Open Flame Wood Burner25%
Open basket Gas Fire25%
Power Flue Gas Fire40%
Open Flame Gas Fire45%
Open Flame Gas Fire with hot box convection65%
Glass Fronted Chimney Gas Fire80%
Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Gas Fire80%
Wood Burning Stove85%
Electric Fireplace100%
Flueless Gas Fire100%